FGM Meat Grinder Attachment  for Kitchenaid Mixer

FGM Meat Grinder Attachment for Kitchenaid Mixer

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Family Grain Mill mixer attachments by Messerschmidt

Fits all Kitchen aid Mixers with front attachment port.

    • FRESH INGREDIENTS YOU CAN FEEL GOOD ABOUT – Whether used as an electric meat grinder or as a hand meat grinder this meat processor easily grinds fresh beef, chicken, turkey, and pork for juicy sausages and flavorful burgers, grates hard cheese, makes nut butter, grinds hard bread, fruits, and vegetables
    • SAFE, SIMPLE, AND STRAIGHTFORWARD – Smartly designed to not shed a fair bit of metal into the meat, unlike other grinder attachments, this ground meat chopper and meat mincer chops it all up easily with a hopper for continuous grinding. Easy to set up and easy to take apart and put back together for cleaning. All plastic parts are BPA free
    • TASTE, TEXTURE, AND HEALTH – You never know exactly what’s going into the pre-ground meat you’re buying. By grinding your own meat at home with this electric and/or manual meat grinder attachment, you can control the quality, cut, fat content, and texture, all while avoiding any risk of contamination
    • WON’T BREAK DOWN WHEN NEEDED – Meat grinder electric or meat grinder manual is manufactured by Messerschmidt and made of premium ABS with solid German Solingen steel cutting blade and 4.5 mm disc made of surgical stainless steel
Would you rather buy pre-packaged ground graying meat with sickly droplets clinging on the wrap…

Or grind a whole, healthy muscle with its inner moisture still locked inside?

You don’t have to get stuck with whatever ground beef the supermarket has on hand.

KNOW EXACTLY WHAT GOES INTO YOUR SAUSAGES AND BURGERS and ensure only fresh meat for your family’s consumption with the Meat Grinder Attachment by Family Grain Mill!

HIT THE GRIND RUNNING – Go beyond grinding meat and sausages with one of the most reliable kitchen aid attachments on the market. This electric and manual grinder attachment makes an excellent vegetable grinder for pickles and relishes too. Grind dried fruits as additional ingredients to your pastries and grind cheese to make tasty pimientos! Make nut butter in no time!

Proudly produced in Germany by Messerschmidt.

*Mixer sold separately.